Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Truth Behind The War In Afghanistan

Hopefully the validity of the recent WikiLeaks, which released over 75,000 secret US military reports covering the war in Afghanistan, will give us better clarity into America's involvement in the war in Afghanistan and Iraq

The average American, including myself, doesn't understand war completely or the circumstances surrounding war. Most people just immediately assume war is bad, but I can bet you a million dollars that if your home was invaded by a burglar, then you'd want to take out that baseball bat from under your bed and defend your territory. The war in Afghanistan was no different. America's home was invaded by outside forces and so we had every right to go fight for our freedom or further risk havoc and more death. However, somewhere along those lines the truth as to why we were really fighting became blurred. There are hundreds of factors and elements to be taken into account when deciding whether this war, or any war for that matter, is just and if the truth of these recent documents is valid enough to support a just cause for war, then we must continue to fight.

Listen to my podcast about my thoughts on truth, the Wikileaks Afghanistan documents, and the war in Afghanistan and Iraq:

To further read about these Afghanistan leaked documents, the best sites I found were :



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