Friday, July 16, 2010

Deportation Starts Now!

According to the Arizona Immigration Law, which is supposed to take effect on July 29th, police will be required to check the immigration status of people they stop or arrest if they suspect they are in the country illegally. Partisans in the debate over Arizona’s immigration law debated for the first time in federal court Thursday, July 15th, 2010, providing an early glimpse into the legal arguments that will be used in the coming battle over the new law.

I don't understand people. What's there to debate? This is one of the greatest laws ever passed. Everyone, for the most part, is against illegal immigration and believe illegal immigrants are part of America's decay and yet people are unwilling to sacrifice fifteen minutes of their time if they get pulled over for the greater good of finding and stamping out illegal immigrants. Obviously, this law will encourage racial profiling and people getting pulled over just because they are suspected of being illegal immigrants, but so what? If you have nothing to hide and you carry your card in your wallet, then you'll be fine. However, for the fifteen minutes you sacrifice for getting pulled over, you're keeping this law active. This, in turn, means the possibility of actual illegal immigrants being found is made possible.

The downside to this law is that people are going to declare it unconstitutional, which I can see why people would say that. Police are essentially under this law prying into the lives of innocent people, but how is that different from being interrogated on a subway or on the street? Well, guess what? When an illegal immigrant takes your job, then you'll regret not being pulled over and following the law. Also, I can see plenty of judges throwing illegal immigrant cases out the window. For example, if a citizen gets pulled over, but doesn't have their card with them, then what? Overall, he is legal, and therefore you can't make a case out of it. Finally, there will be many people who will say that there could be a better law or method to finding illegal immigrants than pulling people over. I agree with that, but for now we have to deal with what is, and what is right now is this Arizona Immigration Law until a better law is thought of.

Illegal immigration is a problem for me personally because I think its severely unfair that illegal immigrants essentially can receive the same benefits as Americans, but don't go through the same processes that legal Americans go through. Illegal immigrants are part of those who disrupt the balance of America’s economy, politics, and culture. They take jobs from an economy where finding work is already difficult for legal Americans, refuse to assimilate, and are depriving Americans of their culture and political unity. I have no problem offering a job to an immigrant as long as they go through the processes of becoming a legal citizen, but many of them don't. Nothing drives me more crazy than when I hear of a car crash because some immigrant driver didn't understand the difference between "go" and "stop." I know America doesn't have one universal language, but I do know America is also a democracy where majority rules, correct? Therefore, if a majority of citizens in America speak English and a majority rules in America, THEN LEARN ENGLISH! It's simple logic, really.

If I got pulled over and were suspected of being an illegal immigrant, I wouldn't be terribly annoyed or offended because I know I'm legal and I know for the expense of my time I'm contributing indirectly towards a greater cause.

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